Pacha Mama Wasi Eco-Spiritual Center

After many years our spiritual center is advancing a good way with the general support of kind hearted friends.


Our spiritual center was inaugurated in november 2007 but continue to work on the land and buildings. 


The great spirit and mother earth have given us many blessing.



We hope to return this to the community through different teachings such as carpentry and computer science for the young people from the area. To our friends who come from all over the world to this healing land our dream are to offer everything that is needed to progress alone the spiritual path.including yoga, meditation, natural medicine and the spanish and keshua languages.. The center is where you can bring your group and have all the facilities to teach and participate in spiritual events to up lift your spirit..


To keep informed of future events please look up:


Our eco-spiritual center it is located in yanahuara village. The way you can reach pacha mama wasi spiritual center is by bus or taxies that are available from the bus terminal of urubamba and ollantaytambo´s village. at the sacred valley of the inkas urubamba


The vision for realizing this spiritual center it is to be a place where all people from all religions and all cultures will find their tools to feed their heart and soul.


So please if you want this planet to be a better place for all our brothers and sisters bring love and joy.