Conditions for the Festival

Please read this carefully because this is the conditions.for our festival. The entry for this festival will be base on heart donation.when you come in.

If you are in need to take part in our ceremony sweatlodges, meditation, shamanic journey, yoga, ayurvedic massage, raiki, medicine wee ceremony, pago a la tierra ceremony, if you are in need to experience the sacred drink ayawaska or peyote it is clear that the teacher or the ceremonial leader will decide for the cost of the programm.


You must remember that all our ceremonies will be done with the blessing and love of the great spirit and the blessing of our mother nature spirit.


The colected material from the donation will be invested to buy toys and school materials for the children and blankets will be donated to the elders for them to get warm when the winter season arrive. The colected money will also feed the elder and the local children on the day of celebration.


You will be able to listening to the teachers and ceremonial leaders also you will be able to listening live music in an open air concert and enjoy the andes vegetarian gourmet.


All our spiritual center´s rooms ar booked for this festival sorry about it. But if you need some help to rent a room in a local hotel we will be able to help you.


Please contact earthfestival(at)


Drinks that contain alcohol, farmaceutical or chemical droges or smoking tobbacco will be not allowed in this festival.


If you want to take part on this festival to exibit your own creation, if you are an sculter or a painter please be free to do your reservation and help yourself to create your own shop. 




Camping will be available for all visitors.


Contact inti cesar earthfestival(at)


If you know how to play a musical instrument and you will like to share some songs with us please be free to contact inti cesar at inti64(at)